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Introducing S5's AI-Powered Solutions for Retail and CPG


Built for 

Modern Retailing

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We are industry veterans who have decades of experience in leading successful transformational programs in Supply Chain and Merchandising.  We understand the challenges of the new retail environment, and have used this understanding to design holistic solutions that are built from the ground up, specifically to address the modern challenges the industry is facing.

Power Your Business

With AI-Driven

Retail Science

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Retail is all about understanding the Customer and offering her the right products.  At S5 we are obsessed with helping retailers extract the value in data and better understand customer preferences and buying patterns.  S5's AI-driven platform allows to capitalize on opportunities and ensure the product offering is relevant, intentional, and profitable.

Make Better Decisions,


S5 solutions don't just give users access to data, we present users with relevant insights that matter.  S5's AI-driven platform scans billions of records and presents users with meaningful insights and recommended actions.  With S5, users of all skill levels can benefit from the power of data science and make better decisions, faster.


Data Science

S5 applications embed advanced data science into user-friendly, intuitive workflows - ensuring users can quickly access, understand and take action

Access to Insights That Matter Most

S5 takes the guesswork out of understanding what insights are important and drive your business, and which are not. 



S5 goes beyond analysis & insights and provides users with recommended actions they can take to shape future performance

A Consumer-Centric View 

of Inventory

Across All Channels

Gain visibility of inventory and assortment offerings across all channels seamlessly.  S5 provides complete support for all of your omni-channel capabilities, allowing you to best service your customer no matter where or how she chooses to shop.

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Seamlessly Manage

the Full Lifecycle of

Every Product

Increase profitability and reduce markdowns with S5's innovative approach to product lifecycle planning.  Whether a product is fast fashion,or a long-life basic, S5 allows users to plan items across preview, introduction, markdown and exit.

Analyze, Plan

& Buy


S5 provides users with visibility into customer preferences for products at the location, size and week level across all of your product lines.  Gain insights into selling patterns and market dynamics that can shape tactical decisions now and strategic decisions in the future.

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Support for All Product Types

All In One Solution

Support for Direct, Retail and Wholesale

S5's configurable platform supports all business models, including wholesale, DTC, retail and marketplace paradigms

Fashion, Seasonal & Basics

One solution provides full planning coverage for all products across a full balance set for sales, inventory and margin

Continuous Planning For Pre- & In-Season

Collapse silos & plan both pre- and in-season in one solution to gain a consumer-centric view of your assortments

Any Product Type Across Retail & CPG

From hardlines to softlines, high to low ticket price, fashion or basic, S5's algorithms provide best-in-class forecasts down to the UPC level

Streamline Processes

& Improve Agility

Across Your Organization

S5's innovative AI-Driven platform is powering digital transformations across major retailers, providing a modern suite of applications that drive better, faster decisions, streamline processes, and improve organizational agility

Empower Users with

Easy Access to Insights

Driven by Data Science

We at S5 believe that data science should be accessible to any user at any skill level..  S5's AI-platform gleans insights from billions of data points and present findings to users in a way that is easy for anyone to understand and action upon.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Data Science

Finding the Insights That Matter

Simply having access to data is not enough. Give your users access to crystalized insights that are relevant and material

Determine What Actions to Take

Insights without action are just eye-candy.  S5 provides the important insights, and helps users understand what to do about it.

Recommendations for Future Strategies

S5's robust recommendation engines provide suggested strategies for how & what to buy in the future to better serve your customer

Best in Class 

Predictions & Forecasts

Forecasts Driven by Data Science that track changes in demand signals and adjust sales, inventory and order quantities at the SKU level

Industry Leading Solutions That Deliver Real Value

S5 Assortment


Complement the Art of Merchandising with algorithms and recommendations that help your teams determine what products should be offered, where, when and how much, down to the size level.

S5 Merchandise Financial Planning

Empower your teams to create better in-season and pre-season financial strategies.  Capitalize on opportunities, anticipate and react to changes in Customer trends - Now with S5!

S5 Allocation


Ensure the right product mix is in the right stores, in the right sizes.  Maximize potential to sell, build localized product offerings and reduce markdowns with the ultimate in hyper-localized & consumer centric allocations

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

The industry's best retailers partner with S5 for their digital transformation


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Learn How S5 is Helping Retailers Navigate COVID-19

We at S5 are working with Retailers to navigate through the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  S5's platform is specifically designed to work with challenging or sparse data sets, to provide insights into drivers of demand, and make predictions for future performance - even when history is missing or unreliable.

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