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Your Digital Transformation Starts Here

with S5's AI-Powered Platform for

Retail and CPG

One Platform to Power All of Your Integrated Business Applications

At S5, our approach to solutions starts with a centralized data hub, rich with insights and analytics gleaned from your data.   This hub serves as the central powerhouse for all of our integrated apps.  The result is a powerful, streamlined architecture capable of taking on your biggest challenges head on.

A Platform that

Unlocks the Value

in Your Data

Big Data is meaningless without insights that drive action.  At S5, we make sense out of your Big Data and present your teams with actionable, relevant insights that matter.

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Built for

Endless Possibilities

Massively Scalable

Horizontally & Vertically

Solutions engineered to scale to any data set, ensuring optimal performance and usability

Optimized for

Big Data

Designed to consume any and all data elements, across large SKU counts, location counts, customer counts, master data, and more!

Highly Configurable

for Any Business Model

S5's flexible platform is built to adapt to any data set and data model, to meet the needs of your unique business

Fits with any Solution Landscape

S5's flexible interface paradigm adapts any solution landscape, to work seamlessly with your existing systems

Data Science

Designed for

Every Day

Bringing Data Science out of Academia and into Reality.

We believe that the ability to adapt Advanced Data Science to address real-world business challenges unlocks tremendous value, and allows users of all skill levels to tap into unrealized potential and opportunities and achieve real success.

Analyze Billions of

Data Points at

Lightning Fast Speeds

S5 leverages cutting edge technologies powerful to scan billions of records and generate insights in sub-second response times.  Ask us how we compare to anyone in this space!

Configurable to Suit 

Any Business Challenge

Purpose-built and configurable, S5's platform can be configured to adapt to virtually any business model and help your teams align to strategic business objectives

Harness the Benefits of

Advanced Data Science


Driven Insights

Help your teams generate better quality, meaningful insights faster than ever thought possible


Decision Quality

Solutions that provide precision insights and recommended actions, to enable smart, informed & faster decision making

Industry Leading Predictions & Recommendations

Best-in-Class algorithms that combine fundamental retail science enriched with deep AI-driven insights

Achieve New Levels

of Precision

Immersive tech that generates deep insights into your customer's preferences and selling patterns, to help your teams be even more consumer-centric

Rapid Deployment:

Realize ROI Faster Than Ever Before

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Flexible Interfaces that Adapt to Your Data

  • Easy Integration with Any Solution Landscape

  • Go Live Faster!

Easy to Own



  • Pure Cloud - Virtually Maintenance Free

  • Upgrades Always Included

  • Eliminate Costly Upgrade Cycles

  • Access Anytime, Anywhere

  • Safe & Secure

Leveraging Distributed &

Parallel Computing

Built for the


S5 applications were built from the ground up specifically for the cloud, leveraging the latest in innovations in cloud computing technologies

Cutting Edge Technology

At S5, our passion is innovation.  Our products leverage cutting edge technologies powerful enough to tackle your toughest challenges without compromising on performance & precision.

"Always Up"

Cloud Technology

S5's "Always Up" Paradigm ensures users can access deep insights anytime, anywhere, so teams can work at the speed your business demands

Enterprise-Grade Security

Solutions designed with security as the top-most priority.

Powering Next-Generation Supply Chain & Merchandising Apps

A powerful platform connected with purpose-built apps to empower better decisions across your supply chain.  Our intuitive suite of applications provides users with AI-driven insights packaged in modern, fun to use workflows.  Users Love S5!


S5 Assortment

Complement the Art of Merchandising with algorithms and recommendations that help your teams determine what products should be offered, where, when and how much, down to the size level.


S5 Merchandise Financial Planning

Empower your teams to create better in-season and pre-season financial strategies.  Capitalize on opportunities, anticipate and react to changes in Customer trends - Now with S5!


S5 Allocation

Ensure the right product mix is in the right stores, in the right sizes.  Maximize potential to sell, build localized product offerings and reduce markdowns with the ultimate in hyper-localized & consumer centric allocations

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