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A Modern Approach to Merchandise Financial Planning

with S5's innovative 
Merchandise Financial Planning App

Build Financial Strategies

That Capitalize on Opportunities

S5 Merchandise Financial Planning is a robust application that allows for the creation of merchandise strategic plans that help users maximize opportunities while minimizing risk.

Industry Leading

Planning Capabilities

Planning & Forecasting

Leverage S5's innovative planning & forecasting engines to deliver best in class predictions

Calculation Engines

Support for multi-directional calculations specifically configured for your business



Start your planning season with smart seeding logic that saves time for users

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Built In Best Practice Workflows

Embedded workflows that ensure your teams have access to best practices for planning your business

Collaboration Across Modules

Plan your business leveraging S5's Multi-Module architecture to support scenario planning across multiple perspectives

Ultimate Configurability

Empower teams to customize their experience and create their own views for planning their unique businesses

Robust Planning Engine

For Best-In-Class Plans

Multi-Dimensional Planning

Robust support for planning across  multiple dimensions for Product, Location, Time, Price Status and Attributes

Multiple Planning Perspectives

Leverage S5's Multi-Module architecture to support scenario planning across multiple levels across Top Down, Middle Out and Bottom Up

Multi-Directional Calculation Engine

S5's highly configurable calculation engine supports multi-directional calculations and custom metrics designed specifically for your unique business



Flexible hierarchies that allow teams to view the business at multiple levels outside of traditional hierarchies

Smart Plans That 

Help Users Identify Opportunities 

Gain visibility into opportunities across product, time, location, price status, and / or attribute dimensions.  Create financial blueprints that mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities for sales, inventory, and margin.

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Best Practice


Drive consistency and ensure plan quality by giving your teams access to best practices designed specifically for your unique business.


Development of What-If Scenarios

Adapt quickly to changing business conditions and adjust forecasts aligned with merchandise strategies.  Develop and compare multiple scenarios to determine the optimal outcome for your business.

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The Ultimate in Flexibility & Configurabilty


Metrics & Calculations

Support for calculated and base metrics that are configured based on your unique business requirements

Support for All Methods of Accounting

Support for Retail, Cost, and Hybrid accounting methods across a full balance set, catered to your business model

Configurable Corporate & User Views

Customize your experience with the ultimate in configurability across view layouts for Favorites & Corporate views

From Top Down


Bottom Up

S5's MFP App provides comprehensive support for planning at all levels of your organization

Built By Planners, For Planners!

Designed by practitioners, S5's MFP is built for planners, by planners!  S5 offers a refreshing approach to MFP with Lightning Fast Performance and powerful grid technology paired with modern, intuitive workflows - Giving users a truly unmatched experience

Rapid Deployment:

Go Live Faster Than

Ever Before

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Flexible Interfaces that Adapt to Your Data

  • Easy Integration with Any Solution Landscape

  • Go Live Faster!

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