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Precision Allocations Powered By AI

Maximize Selling Potential with
S5 Allocation Optimization

Create a Compelling

Product Mix by Location

that Maximizes Sales & Margin

S5 Allocation Optimization gives your teams the power to ensure the right products are offered in the right locations, at the right time.  By leveraging AI and ML driven algorithms, teams can create product offerings by location that are catered specifically to their customer's preferences - down to the size level.

Allocation Optimization

Powered by

Advanced Data Science



Data driven insights at your fingertips, Ready to use and easy to understand by users of all skill levels

Track Changes in Demand

Track changes in customer selling behavior and react quickly to new trends

Best Practice Workflows

Simple to use workflows that guide users through every step of the



Embedded Size Optimization

S5 Allocation Optimization works down to the size level, to truly capture sales at the level of your customer's decision making

Integration with Partner Systems

Seamless integration with your existing solution architecture across retail and store systems

Ultimate Configurability

Flexible and customizable for a personalized experience catered to your business model

Find the Best Mix of

Products for Each Location

Predict Customer Patterns by Location & SKU

Unlock opportunities at the location level and predict the best mix of products for the local customer's preferences

Account for Cannibalization & Halo Effects

Holistic Predictions that account for other products with similar attributes or with related selling patterns

Optimization Across Product Categories

Collapse silos across your organization and find the best mix of products across all categories


Driven Algorithms

Elevate your existing processes and give teams the power of AI to drive better decisions, faster

Smart Optimizations

at the Lowest Levels

of Precision

S5 Allocation Optimization offers uncompromising precision to ensure your stores can capture each opportunity to sell.  By making predictions for the optimal mix of products down to the size level, you can be assured your allocation recommendations are truly capturing customer demand at her level of decision making


Capitalize on

Opportunities & Delight Your Customers

Offer the optimal mix of products across all divisions, departments and categories, to ensure your store associates can create outfitting opportunities and increase market basket sales.

Support For All Product Types

Across All Selling Channels

Support for Fashion & Long-Lifecycle Products

S5's configurable platform supports all business models, including wholesale, DTC, retail and marketplace paradigms

Account for Cross-Channel Selling Patterns

One solution provides full planning coverage for all products across a full balance set for sales, inventory and margin

Optimization for New & Replenishment Goods

Collapse silos & plan both pre- and in-season in one solution to gain a consumer-centric view of your assortments


Size Optimization 

From hardlines to softlines, high to low ticket price, fashion or basic, S5's algorithms provide best-in-class forecasts down to the UPC level

Level Up Your

Localization Strategies

Gain visibility of inventory and assortment offerings across all channels seamlessly and ensure products are specifically curated based on your customer's preferences.   S5 provides complete support for all of your omni-channel capabilities, allowing you to best service your customer no matter where or how she chooses to shop.

Execute Brand Vision For Outfits, Collections & Capsules

From strategy to execution, ensure outfits and collections are represented in each store appropriately and that each store represents your brands

vision and messaging

Rapid Deployment:

Go Live Faster Than Ever Before

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Flexible Interfaces that Adapt to Your Data

  • Easy Integration with Any Solution Landscape

  • Go Live Faster!

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