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Bring AI to Your Assortment Planning

Intelligent, Consumer-Centric
Product Planning with S5 Assortment

Achieve New Levels of Customer Centricity with

AI-Driven Assortment Planning

S5 Assortment leverages a powerful AI-driven platform to leverage data to gain deep insights into customer preferences down to the location, stylecolor, and size level, providing your teams with recommended strategies and predictions to help create an optimized, localized, consumer-centric assortment.

The Most Comprehensive Assortment Planning Solution Ever Built



& Analysis 

AI-driven algorithms that track changes in demand signals and present recommended actions

Product Strategy


Recommendations for the optimal number of products, product mix, attributes and range plan

Price-Based Forecasting

Robust forecasts that predict sales based on price status and pricing & promotional strategies



Pre- & In-Season Planning

Collapse boundaries of Pre-

and In-season and gain a consumer-centric view of your assortments


Built In

Precision forecasts that go down to the size level, providing a plan that is truly at the level of your customer' decision

Allocation-Ready Plans

Ensure precise execution of your Assortment Plans with plans generated at the Style, Color, Size, Week, and Location level. 

Create Personalized,

Localized Assortments 

The Right Products in the Right Locations

Achieve levels of hyper-localization by finding the best match of products by location to best service your customer

Suggestions for Products & Localization

Solutions that Do More:  

S5's innovative Recommendation Engine provides teams with recommended products & localization strategies

Precision Planning

Driven by AI

Algorithms that learn your customer and identify changes in demand at a hyper-localized level - giving teams insights into what is driving your business

Visual Insights into Your Product Mix

S5 Assortment is specifically built for merchants and offers highly visual workflows that help identify opportunities in your assortment

AI-Driven Algorithms that Deliver Deep Insights about Your Customer

Gain visibility into your consumer and achieve real consumer-centricity.  Leverage your existing data to understand consumer preferences, capitalize on opportunities & ensure your product offering is relevant 

mediamodifier_image (23).png

Generate Smart Buys

that Maximize

Sales & Margin

Leverage industry-leading forecasting and inventory optimization engines to "Right-Size" your buys, by size -- Leading to reduced markdowns, and increased sales & margin

Seamless Planning

Across All

Selling Channels

Never lose sight of inventory across your network of channels, stores and DCs.  Balance inventory across channels to maximize opportunities to sell and to ensure an excellent customer experience - no matter where she chooses to shop

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Smart Software

That Gives Recommendations

for Product Strategy

S5's proprietary Recommendation Engine provides users with insights into an optimal product assortment - for number of choices, locations, attributes, and lifecycle - giving teams a recommended Line Plan Strategy to shape future assortment decisions 

Support for Any Product Type & Business Model

Across Retail, Wholesale,

DTC & Marketplace

S5's configurable platform supports all business models, including wholesale, DTC, retail and marketplace paradigms

Any Product Type: From Short- to


One solution provides full planning coverage for all products across a full balance set for sales, inventory and margin

Any Industry:

From Apparel to Hardlines

From hardlines to softlines, high to low ticket price, fashion or basic, S5's algorithms provide best-in-class forecasts down to the UPC level

Any Tier:

From Value to


S5's dynamic paradigm allows teams to plan across any range of products with precision planning from low- to high-ticket items

Loved by Merchants!

  • Increased productivity

  • Streamlined operations

  • Lightning fast performance

  • Easy onboarding with modern Interfaces that are fun to use

  • Fast implementations for quick time to value

  • Best-in-class forecasting

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